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It’s a succinct five lettered word but it encompasses a colossal range of emotions. There’s got to be some music for every single humane feeling that exists — be it happiness or sadness, delight or gloom, tranquility or distress. It’s almost like the soundtrack of the path of life, or rather, the path of life itself. It’s the glue that adheres shattered thoughts back to our minds firmly, while softly whispering “Everything will soon fall in place” to our broken hearts.

Researchers have concluded that listening to soul soothing music heightens activity in the nucleus accumbens area of the brain that regulates dopamine release. The happier we get by listening to music, the more the dopamine release is. An ample amount of dopamine treats low blood pressure and low cardiac output, and also improves blood flow to the kidneys. Music thus serves not only as an interlude from monotony, but also as a therapy for a multitude of ailments.

Have you ever thought why toddlers in kindergartens are being taught alphabets and numbers with rhythmic tunes? — Music is the language of hearts, and information when conveyed in a musical manner gets recorded in our minds with so much solidity. No kid would ever have the patience to sit and listen to lectures at such a young age, unless if fed to them with josh and vibrancy — through rhythmically alluring tunes.

It’s not just that, the power of music is infinite. It has a proclivity for lingering on our minds long enough, thereby reminding us of the scenarios linked to it. Advertisers have tweaked this and have made the best use of it by associating advertisements for products or services with catchy tunes, which aid substantially in recalling product information.

Music, like God, is omnipresent. It’s everywhere, every time. It controls and heals our minds while comforting and alleviating our souls. It’s something that everyone can seek solace in, and as a matter of fact, it’s also the only truth there is.